Since 2011, the Snétberger Foundation has been supporting musically talented disadvantaged young people through many of their nationally and internationally recognised educational programmes.

Based in Felsőörs, Balaton Highlands, The Snétberger Music Talent Centre - the basic training of the Snétberger Programme - was established with the support of the Norwegian Fund and the Hungarian State. Our main goal is to tour across Hungary, visit disadvantaged areas of the country and give musically talented young people the opportunity to show their skills. The Snétberger Programme thus gives the chance to 60-65 young people each year to participate in a year long programme. The core element of this training is the 12-week intensive, personalised music training which is divided into three courses. The heart of this programme is the excellent team of internationally recognised teachers, including Ferenc Snétberger, the founder and Music Director of the Centre. The development of the students is continuously monitored and they are extensively supported in their studies by their mentors during the school year.

Every year, our students perform many concerts at internationally acclaimed musical events such as the Kapolcs Valley of the Arts, the Sziget Festival or the Jazz Showcase, but they have also performed across the globe, in Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Paris, Madrid, Portugal, Israel, Hanoi and Washington. The programme in Felsőörs is currently sponsored by the National Talent Centre in cooperation with the Snétberger Foundation.

Many of our graduates help our work by taking on roles at our establishment as tutors, teaching assistants, teach in public music schools, are members of Hungarian jazz formations, became classical music artists or students of domestic or international higher education institutions.

As a result of decades of consistent hard work, 90 percent of our students continue their education and a quarter of them study music at colleges or universities.

In 2021, the foundation is moving to their new headquarters located in Béla Bacsó Street, Budapest. As a result of this newly-created community space – which includes a professional studio and rehearsal room – the young talents who have successfully finished their basic studies via the Snétberger Programme, will have the opportunity to attend additional advanced, master’s courses provided by recognised artists. This will help further their professional development and other learning opportunities such as preparation for higher education admission and career nationally and internationally.

Those students who participate in the Snétberger Masterclass Education Programme are offered the opportunity to attend specialised courses, workshops and have recording sessions in the new sound studio.

„The sound of the Snetberger School" is the sound of hardworking students everywhere, orchestras and bands, learning-playing-practicing-studying-playing-experimentinglaughing, from early morning till late evening, doing what they are doing because their love for their music passion and their talent do not allow them to do otherwise! The sound and the spirit of The Snetberger Music Talent Center move everybody up, everybody who meet the kids and the youngsters of this Center, I think.”

Head of Programme of Villum Fonden (DK)
How can you support our work?
The Snétberger Foundation is a non-profit organisation and entirely rely on donations from individuals and companies, or other sources such as tenders and awards. The proceeds and all our income are used to pay for the trainings and hospitality, travel expenses of our students and repair or replace our instruments.
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We are happy to hear from you and also welcome concert invitations. We appreciate and thank you for all your support in helping these young talents reach for their stars.