SNÉTBERGER Music Talent Centre

The concept for the Talent Centre came from guitarist and composer Ferenc Snétberger, who is of Hungarian Roma origin and is now living in Berlin. The goal of this centre would be to support talented Roma youngsters, and provide a unique type of mentoring in their development. The teaching is based on their knowledge brought from home. Our students get support in building on this knowledge, and broadening their talents in the direction of jazz, classical and world music.

Background: Ferenc Snétberger, the youngest child of a musician family, the guitar virtuoso was born in Salgótarján in 1957 and grew up on music. He first learned the basics of playing guitar from his father, and very quickly the two were playing together. He studied classical music in music school, and later jazz guitar in the Music Conservatory of Budapest (the later Music Academy). Early in his career the guitarist taught at a music school in Germany which supported musically talented Sinti and Roma youth. After meeting Roma youngsters and their families at his concerts throughout East and Central Europe, it became clear to Snétberger that this region also had a need for a similar type of musical institute as the one in Germany.

In June 2011 the Centre opened with the first, twelve week-long training for 60 participants in Felsőörs (village in Western part of Hungary). Year by year 60 young pupils participate in the programme. The staff of the Centre visit disadvantaged areas to recruit talented children. The participants receive teaching and training courses (in the so-called camps), tailor-made personal mentoring, and peer assistance. Along with the formal courses the Centre also appoints personal mentors to each of the participants.

The Centre is working on a post programme mentor services and strives to help its alumni by disseminating career-development information (information on stipends, performance opportunities, etc.) and organising stage performances on a regular basis.

A documentary film has been realized by the prize holder Tamás Almási about the a student of the Talent Centre entitled: tititá .
The teaser: here.

  • Sozial Marie- small prize 2013
    Application and official evaluation are to be founded at:
    The Last Shell Be First - Youth for Youth
  • Acknowledgment of the Ministry of Human Resources (independent attachment)

Prizes of Ferenc Snétberger that he has been given in rapport with the Talent Centre.

  • Kossuth-Prize 2014
    A high-prestige Hungarian annual award for prominent artists for cultural and art creations. Rewards here the mission Ferenc Snétberger as guitarist has completed to find and uplift the young talents.
  • Lánchíd-Prize 2013
    An annual award given to Ferenc Snétberger for his achievements in preserving the Roma culture and in the talent research.
  • Talent-Ambassador 2011
    A title given by the National Talent-support Committee