In addition to the supporters of the realization of the Centre itself - in order to ensure the continuous operation of the project - all additional funds are welcome from outside supporters. The donations are needed to contribute to the costs of the entire educational process: from selecting young music talents through the education itself, boarding costs as well as supporting them in the future for further development through our mentoring system. For this, additional sources of funds from Patrons are indispensable. Our Patrons support the operation of our Centre through the Snétberger Music Talent Foundation.

The maintenance cost of the centre and the project amounts to HUF 100-120 million annually which covers the expenses associated with students’ education, travelling, meals as well the repair of instruments, information material and utility bills. Children’s study is of course absolutely free of charge at the Centre. All donations made to the Snétberger Music Talent Foundation will be exclusively used to maintain the highest standards of education and help young Roma musicians to develop their music skills and reach their career goals. All donations are highly appreciated, either from private individuals or companies. Donations can be made occasionally or on a regular basis with any voluntary amount.

Data of Snétberger Music Talent Foundation

Name: Snetberger Foundation
Address: 8227 Felsőörs, Hóvirág u. 28. HUNGARY
Founder: Snétberger Ferenc
Bank Address: ERSTE Bank Hungary Zrt. 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő utca 24-26 HUNGARY
IBAN account number: HU03 1160 0006 0000 0000 8332 3360

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Snétberger Music Talent Center
8227 Felsőörs, Hóvirág u. 28. HUNGARY
Tel.: +36 87 799 004
Fax: +36 87 799 009